Palouse: Something’s in the Air

I’m not a lucky type of person. One time I won $2 on a scratch and win and I kept the lottery ticket as proof. I never win the door prize or have the right ticket for the draw. I have to work for everything I get!

But today I think luck had much to do with the images I captured at Steptoe Butte in The Palouse. I have seen many inspiring images taken here and I wondered how I could possibly get a unique image.

Boy, was I in luck! I never expected to find guys preparing to jump off the butte when I got there. And with a blue parachute no less.

Next was the bi-plane crop duster.

And finally, a crazy dude flying an ultralight zipping past the top of the butte with the perfect cottonball puffy clouds in the background.

Much of photography comes down to being at the right place at the right time. The skill comes into play by knowing what lens to use when the time comes and knowing your equipment well enough to react quickly to get the shot before the opportunity ends.

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