Creating Depth in the Mission Mountain Range, Montana

The drive from Palouse, Washington, to Glacier National Park in Montana has to be one of the most scenic drives I have ever taken. The Mission Mountain Range just high out of the prairie grasses and I was lucky to see it when there was both snow on the peaks and spring wildflowers in the valley.

One technique for creating more dynamic images is to be conscious of re-creating the depth that is inherently removed when making a 2-dimensional photograph out of a 3-dimensional scene. I came across this scene at a pull out near Ronan, Montana, and was immediately drawn to the wildflowers in the foreground, the pond in the middle-ground, and the mountains and cloud in the background. It is not only the position of the elements in the scene, but their colours as well, that helps to create depth in the photograph.

While we’re on this topic of depth, David DuChemin has recently released a new e-book called “A Deeper Frame”, which I have not read yet, but if his past e-books are any indication it is going to be superb and it is on the top of my list of new e-books to read. David is an outstanding photographer and an inspirational writer and teacher. You can also check out a review of the e-book written by Dan Bailey.

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