Sunrift Gorge, Glacier National Park

The “Going-to-the-Sun” Road was closed in the middle section during our visit, forcing us to drive 2 hours around the park (and 2 hours back again) in order to get to the other places we wanted to see including St. Mary Lake, Sun Point, and Sunrift Gorge.

Over time, glacier melt-off created this narrow channel in the bedrock where pristine water rushes past. There was a ton of water in all the rivers and creeks during our visit. Rocks normally visible were underwater, banks of the rivers overflowing, and creeks that are usually small became gushing rivers.

This was one of those occasions when it was the end of a day hiking around and I decided to go up the hill to the Gorge with only one lens. I love my 24-105L for this and sometimes I rely on it too much. Now looking back at the images I wish I had taken my long lens for a close up of the candy rocks.

Next week I’ll have one more post on Glacier National Park and then it is on to Wyoming and some wildlife I have seen along the way. Until then, have a great weekend.

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