Sun Point and St. Mary Lake, Glacier National Park

The winds howled over St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park as we hiked up to Sun Point to enjoy the vista. There were no serene reflections today! I had planned on doing some long exposures with my graduated neutral density filter, but when I pulled out my tripod the wind just about tore it out of my hands. I couldn’t even keep my hat on and my hair was blowing in all directions and in front of the camera.

The sky was quite bright in comparison to the foreground shale, which meant I had to use a filter or go with high dynamic range. With no tripod, my only choice was hand-held HDR. I took 3 exposures: one to expose the shadows, one for the middle tones, and one for the highlights, and blended them together using Photomatix software. I’m glad my camera does 8 frames per second because I could barely keep my feet planted in the same location long enough for 3 exposures.

Here is the last photo from Glacier National Park: the view of Wild Goose Island. This one was also a hand-held HDR image.

In the next post, I will move on to Wyoming.

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    These are both great but that first one is mind-blowing, Anne. Killer clouds, fantastic composition, dynamic light. Really good stuff. I’m enjoying your trip!

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