A closer view of Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

Here is the (much condensed) Native American legend: One day 7 little girls were playing by the river when they were chased by a bear. The girls jumped on a rock which was about 3 feet high and began praying to the rock to save them. The rock, hearing their pleas, elongated itself upwards pushing the girls out of reach of the bear. The bear clawed at the sides of the rock until the rock pushed the girls into the sky where they are to this day in a group of 7 little stars (the Pleiades). The marks of the bear claws are what you see on the sides of Devil’s Tower.

This perspective gives you a better idea of the grandeur of the tower.

Devil’s Tower was the very first national monument making Wyoming home to the first national park (Yellowstone) and the first national monument in the United States.

Tomorrow I will show you an even closer view.

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