The Happy-Dancing Badlands Bison

Once upon a time, in Badlands National Park in South Dakota, there was a bad-ass bison. He was the largest bison in the herd and had a reputation for being, well, a bad-ass. But he was much more than a bad-ass. Sometimes, when he saw a funny looking person staring at him, he would show his other side.

Hey, you’re a funny looking person…

I’m going to show you something funny ok?

Are you watching? Are you watching?

Here I go…

Haha, pretty funny eh? Now you…

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  1. says

    OH MY GOD! Without ANY doubt, this is my favorite post of yours from the road Anne! I laughed my backside off here; not only the pictures which obviously speak loudly for themselves, but your prose today as well! Awesome. Seriously, totally, awesome.

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