Wet Landscapes and Saturated Colour

We arrived at our campsite in Interior, South Dakota. It looked great on the website, but when we got there we found it was really run down. You could tell it used to be a nice place, but it was not maintained, they failed the water testing and had to chlorinate the water, and standing water outside meant huge mosquitos.  Nevertheless, we decided to stay since we got it at half price $20 a night.

As soon as we got set up a huge thunderstorm came. That seems to keep happening, I think the thunderstorms are following us. At least they wait until we get set up first.

As soon as the storm broke, I headed out to take advantage of the saturated colours on the wet landscape.  This photo is a simple fence on the farm across the street from the campground.  I used Topaz Adjust to give it a painterly feel.

Our site backed on to a farm that was full of hay bales.  It was a great view with the spires of the badlands in the background. I also used Topaz Adjust on this shot, but this time I emphasized the detail and textures in the image.

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