Less is More at Pictured Rocks

Two more photos today from the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on Lake Superior, Michigan, where the wind and water have sculpted the southern shoreline of the lake.

It is tempting when you first get to a location to try to include everything in your photo. This is what snapshots are made of. When you include too much in the frame, the eye does not know where to go, there is too much information to take in. The pictured rocks are covered in small caves, fallen rocks and interesting patterns in the mineral stain. If you include all of this in one frame, it is too cluttered and becomes meaningless.

I found the better compositions along the shoreline were the ones that contained only a small part of the cliff. Focus on just one element at a time such as a distinctive shape or a pattern of colours. I usually start off with too much in the frame and then tell myself “get closer”. When I’ve done that 3 or 4 times I start to like the compositions more.

There are many “faces” to be found in the sandstone, this one resembles a pirate when you remove all the extra information around it. I like to leave in a bit of water for context.

Mother nature used her full palette when she painted these rocks a multitude of unexpected colours: blue, aqua, green, white, pink, orange, red and black.

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    Hi Anne, thank you for sharing a bit of pictured rock photos they so remind me I need to get back to U.P. which was my home for 14 years. I sure do miss it and you have captured some of the best of it here through your pictures. Your story and pictures are truly inspirational. Thank you again Todd Michael Katke

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