Shopping in Old Quebec

I love the boutique feel of the shopping area in the old part of Quebec City. Since I was doing hand-held HDR, the challenge was dealing with the people that move between the frames. Since the software combines the three exposures into one image, any moving objects will have a “ghost” effect since you can see the object’s placement in all three brackets.

The new version of Photomatix does an excellent job of de-ghosting. Make sure you choose the selective de-ghosting feature during processing rather than the automatic. Then you simply outline the areas of the combined photograph that contain “ghosts” and Photomatix will fix the ghosted area before it presents the final HDR image.

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    • Anne McKinnell says

      Thanks Russ, I appreciate the comments on HDR. I am still learning and experimenting with different techniques, but I usually like the more natural look in the end.

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