New Brunswick in the 1800’s

In case you wondered what happened to my blog in the past couple of days, it was hacked by blog vandal evil do’ers who redirected my traffic to their own advertisement websites. So to protect my friends and keep the evil do’ers out, I password protected it while it was being fixed. Sorry ’bout that and I’m glad you came back. Now back to New Brunswick…

When a hydro-electric dam was constructed, the water level of parts of the Saint John River was raised by 150 feet. Many heritage buildings were going to be destroyed, but rather than allowing this to happen the buildings were all moved to a new site they call “King’s Landing”. Each of the buildings was restored to a different time period in the 1800’s.

The people who work here dress and act as one of the original people who lived or worked in each place. Each home and business that was moved was researched and the history presented is based on real families.

Visiting King’s Landing was one of the highlights of my trip so far. It was such a fun day and what an opportunity to capture a piece of history with my camera.

I took this photo of a boy in one of the homes. There are many children on site who are “visiting cousins”. They spend about a week living in King’s Landing. They remain in character and live using only the means that were available to the people of that time period.

I took 3 brackets, hand-held, and combined the images in post-processing to create a high dynamic range image.

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    • Anne McKinnell says

      Thanks Chris, I have found the hand-holding HDR technique really works great with the new version of Photomatix. It’s de-ghosting tool is amazing!

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