The Peddler’s Cart

In the 1800’s, peddlers would travel from farm to farm using person- or animal-drawn carts to supply isolated populations with basic goods such as pots and pans, tools, and cloth. For many of those farms, the closest community could be more than a day’s travel making the peddler a vital part of life.

I found this restored peddler’s cart at King’s Landing, New Brunswick, the historical settlement I mentioned in an earlier post . In the background is the Sash and Door Factory where I found the windows in last week’s post.

Technical Notes:
3 brackets combined using Photomatix into a high-dynamic range image.

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  1. Chris Owen says

    I was just looking for pictures of pedlar’s carts as I’m thinking of buying an old one or making a replica for a travelling exhibition project in Northamptonshire, England when I came upon your picture. Congratulations on a really good picture of a very nice cart. Incidentally, a few years back I went to Lancaster County to find a 1930s Amish buggy for the American Museum in Britain, it is now one of their exhibits.

    • Anne McKinnell says

      Hi Chris, thank you for the visit and your comments. Good luck with your travelling exhibition, sounds like quite a challenge.

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