Ingonish Beach, Nova Scotia

Ingonish Beach in the Cape Breton Highlands is covered with the most beautiful round pink stones. We had lunch at a beachside grill and spent hours searching for our favourite stone to bring home as a souvenir. It had to be not too big – just big enough to fit in the palm of my hand (if I collected rocks all along the way, we would add too much weight to the RV!), perfectly round, and definitely one of the pink ones.

What a life I’m living now with unlimited time to pick my favourite stone while listening to the pounding surf and watching surfers and swimmers play in the waves.

Ingonish Beach

Here is a close up of the stones:

Ingonish Rocks

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  1. Sylvia Walker says

    We have a summer home in Ingonish Beach and tonight, I was just lonesome for some nice pictures of the beach I love to walk when I’m there. Ilove the ones you took of the rocks but hope that you have the opportunity to see it when there is more sand than rocks. That’s the most unique feature of Ingonish Beach,the everchanging landscape of the rocks along the beach. Some summers there it’s mostly sand with the rocks piled up high along the bank, like in your picture, or some summers or p

  2. Sylvia Walker says

    ….sorry about that, getting used to my new finishing my comments about Ingonish Beach,some summers we have a beach that is incredible sand all the way to the Beach Road Crossing Road, a good 15 minute walk. I really hope that you also had an opportunity to walk along the Fresh Water Lake trail, which I try to do every evening to catch the sunset on the lake. From the Loon Alert Lookoff ( 3 minutes walk from the beach parking lot), you can hear the waves from the beach, see loons on the lake, and if the wind is calm, the reflection of the mountains and sunset colors on the lake waters is something you will carry home in your memories of “wow” moments. Hope to see you there next summer !!!

    • says

      Hi Sylvia, you’re making me miss that beautiful beach! I didn’t see it with more sand, only the way it is in my images. But the rocks were amazing, that’s what I loved about the beach. I didn’t see the fresh water lake trail either. Now I have to go back! :) It’s a long way going across the country, but I hope to see it again. I loved the maritimes. Thanks for your comments!

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