Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse

Since 1897, the Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse has marked the marine approach to Rocky Harbour and the entrance to Bonne Bay in Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland.

I thought this would be a great location to photograph sunset. I parked my truck and proceeded along one of the paths hoping it would lead down to the shore, but it did not. And worse, the end of the path with the beautiful view had one of those horrid fences that is always 2 inches taller than my tripod. Don’t fence makers understand the needs of photographers?

I returned to the lighthouse and tried another path. It too did not lead down. It looks like there used to be steps down, but those were blocked off, probably not safe anymore. Feeling slightly defeated, and mad at myself for not scouting out the location *before* sunset, I returned to the parking lot to try to drive to another location before the light was gone.

Looking back over my shoulder, I thought “I’m not going home empty handed” and quickly took 3 brackets of the view of the lighthouse from the parking lot.

Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse

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    • Anne McKinnell says

      Thanks Len! I was surprised how well this one turned out since it was an after-thought. Amazing to think I almost left it behind.

    • Anne McKinnell says

      Thanks Edith! I did manage to get to another location in time to get some shots of this amazing sunset, but I think this was the best one.


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