Pond Reflections

I was drawn to the rugged coast in Newfoundland with its rocky cliffs, big round stones and small colourful pebbles. But for something new today, to show the diversity in the landscape here, I have two images of pond reflections.

Pond Reflection

It is quite a contrast to go from the big wide rugged landscape to a small intimate reflection scene in a calm serene pond that was only steps away from the jagged menacing shore.

Pond Reflection

Once again I have included higher resolution versions of the images, so please click them to view larger.

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    • Anne McKinnell says

      Thanks Charlie, the second one is my favourite too. I like how the lilly pads help distinguish the real from the reflection. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Anne McKinnell says

    Thank you very much for leaving me your feedback Kris. I think the simplicity really works in this type of image. Well, in all images really!

    • Anne McKinnell says

      Hi Gregg, Hmmm…. I’m wondering if that comment was really about my writing? :) It is something to keep in mind! I really appreciate the feedback, thanks!

      • Gregg Marquardt says

        Oops. Nothing wrong with your writing. I’m a communications mgr by day, so I’m continually working to edit myself in words AND in pictures.

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