My first magazine cover!!

I am delighted to announce that one of my images of Victoria’s Inner Harbour has graced the cover of Harbors Magazine, the in-flight magazine for Kenmore Air.

Kenmore Air runs float planes between Victoria, Seattle and Vancouver as well as numerous routes to islands and fishing lodges along the coast of British Columbia.

Having this cover image in my list of credits is a big step in the right direction for my career switching maneuver. Oh how I wish I could hold a copy of the magazine in my very own hands! But it will have to wait for me, along with all my copies of “Photoshop User”, until I am home in the spring. For now I will have to make due with the online issue, which you can read on the Kenmore Air website.

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  1. says

    This is HUGE, Anne! I’m so very happy for you. Congratulations on the cover. It’s a beautiful image and certainly deserving of the cover. This is just the beginning. :-)

  2. Anne McKinnell says

    Thank you so much everyone who left comments here, on twitter and on google plus. I really appreciate all of the kind comments and congratulations. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :)

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