White out

I think I am addicted to colour. When I browse through my portfolio it stands out. All of my images have bright colours.

Many years ago I used to roll my own film and make black and white images in my home-made darkroom. They had to be extremely dark always including areas of total blackness. I thought I would keep that black and white vision but now when I try to convert images to black and white I am never happy with them. Maybe I just need more practice.

When I visited Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, the conditions were not ideal. Every morning fog and rain and then rain and more fog. When I looked outside it was a white out. I tried to wait for it to clear so I could capture the fishing village in sweet light, but finally I decided to make an attempt at creating an image that conveyed the utter whiteness and the mystery and silence that always accompanies fog. I am out of my comfort zone with an image with no colour and no black.

Indian Cove, Nova Scotia
I made this image from my campsite at Indian Cove, just one cove over from Peggy’s Cove. Please click to view larger.

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  1. Anne McKinnell says

    Thank you very much Alan, I appreciate your feedback on it since this is not my usual kind of image. But it just feels wrong to stay inside when the light doesn’t cooperate.

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