New Hampshire Dawn

This photo is all about the will to get up early – a will I admit to having rarely! I am always happy once I am out there and see the opportunity that is before me, but it doesn’t make it any easier to get out of bed early the next time.

I made this photo before sunrise right in our campsite in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Please click the image to view a larger version.

White Mountains, New Hampshire

On a personal note, it’s been an exhausting week around the here at the travelling photography show. I don’t know if I was fighting off a bug or if it was “flu-like symptoms” after getting the flu shot, but I was exhausted. Not only that, but then my dog got sick. He ate some carpet (stupid beagle) and now he desperately wants to go outside to attempt to do his business every hour all night long. Today I thought it might be his last day when I took him to the vet and she told me that if he has an obstruction there is nothing they can do because he is too old and his heart is too weak to survive bowel surgery. They did some x-rays and didn’t see anything like balled up intestines or anything so I think he’s going to pull through.

I also have too many projects on the go. We have found ourselves a really cheap campground (and it’s one of the nicest we’ve been to!) with great wifi and we’re going to just stay put and not go on any more adventures for a week or so so I can get some of my projects done and off my plate. I hope that means I will be able to show you the fruit of all my efforts next week.

In the meantime, I might post a few photos but the blog text is probably going to be lean for rest of this week.

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    • says

      Hi Edith, yes, I really did need some downtime. It’s hard to be on the go all the time and still trying to keep processing and blogging at the same time. But it’s fun, I really like my new life.

  1. Crystal says

    Oh my that is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen. And oh oh oh my I hope Oggy is ok. Oh that beagle and his appetite. He was aptly named.

    Miss you all xoxo
    Love Crystal

    • says

      Hi Crystal! Great to see you, we miss you too! Thanks for your comment on my photo. Oggy is still a bit out of sorts. He spent all night last night wandering around. He wont sleep. I’m hoping it’s a side-effect from the drugs he was on. It’s tough when they get old. How is Mo?

    • says

      Thanks Chris! It was odd how that one tree stood so tall compared to all the others. It was actually a huge tree, but it looks small in the frame. I was glad I had something to silhouette against that sky.

    • Anne McKinnell says

      Thanks Andy. I think I’ve only seen a sunrise like that when there has been a fire, but there were no fires that I was aware of. New Hampshire was gorgeous.

    • Anne McKinnell says

      Hi Andy, you get up at sunrise as a habit? You’re my hero! I don’t think I could do it. Good thing you don’t live in Alaska!

  2. says

    Wow! That picture of the sunrise is amazing. So vibrant with color!!

    We have a German Shepherd and a Black Lab. They both eat things they aren’t supposed to like socks, wash cloths or paper towels. (Not every day or anything but it happens) They always end up passing whatever it is but I’ve had a few trips to the vet. We actually just had to “help” the Lab the other day… (I’ll leave it at that.)

    • Anne McKinnell says

      Hi Stephanie, Oh no, I almost had to ask you for details about how you “helped” him, but after waiting 5 days he finally got his stuff moving again. He’s never had a problem before even though he eats some pretty bad stuff it never seems to phase him. Ah, I guess it’s just another sign of getting older, you can’t just eat carpet and get away with it like the young ‘uns.

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