A Boat for Dad – PEI

Today is the first in a series of posts I call “A Boat for Dad”. My Dad was a commercial fisherman on the pacific coast for over 65 years. He had many boats in his career including trollers, seiners, and crab boats. Since I have been travelling on the east coast, Dad keeps asking me to find him a boat. Of course, it has to be a free boat which I can tow home for him :)

For the next few days I am going to posts photos of commercial fishing boats from the Maritime provinces, starting today with Prince Edward Island. In case you missed it, I already posts a couple of photos from the Malpeque Fishing Village and a boat called “Pure Mussel”.

As always, you can click these images to view larger versions.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing

Boats in Malpeque Bay

Boats in Malpeque Bay

Malpeque Mariner

Malpeque Mariner

Malpeque Mariner Stern View

Malpeque Mariner Stern View

Tomorrow’s post will contain fishing boats from Newfoundland.

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18 Responses to “A Boat for Dad – PEI”

  1. Len Saltiel says:

    Very nice series of images Anne. The boats are great but I love the buildings in the background.
    Len Saltiel recently posted..Boathouse ReflectionsMy Profile

  2. Lovely photos, as always, Anne.

    Do you happen to know if your dad knew a commercial fisherman out of Vancouver, named Jim Dubois? Jim was a fine Flickr friend to scores or hundreds of people, who died six months ago after having lived three additional years than he would have because he got a new lung. Sadly, an infection took him last May. Shortly afterward, some Flickr friends learned of a program by BC Parks to install benches throughout their system, and we contributed $1,500 for one in Jim’s memory.

    Here is a wonderful article about Jim’s bench, published on Nov 17 in the Campbell River Mirror:

    And here is a photo of the bench right alongside the Campbell River that Jim loved:
    Mim Eisenberg recently posted..The Abode by Hengki KoentjoroMy Profile

    • Hi Mim, thank you very much for the compliment. Maybe my Dad will read this and let us know if he knew your friend. I imagine if Jim Dubois lived in Campbell River my Dad probably did know him. Thanks for including the link.

      Dedicating the park bench was a very thoughtful thing to do for someone you haven’t met. That just goes to show much internet connections are real connections you make with people who affect each others lives. So many of the social networks seem like numbers games where people try to get as many friends or followers as they can, but I really appreciate the real interactions with people who have similar interests. I would rather have fewer numbers and more meaningful interactions.

      • It would be so nice if your dad knew Jim.

        And I totally agree with you. I carefully restrict whom I make a contact on Flickr or make a friend on Facebook or make a follower on Twitter or circle on Google Plus. It’s not just that I’m averse to the race to the top in numbers, but I do want quality time with people I feel are of like mind. The problem, of course, is that four-letter word, time. There’s never enough of it to do justice to all those I’d like to interact with regularly.

        It was Flickr that got me started in social media, and I’ve made many virtual and, yes, real live friends through it.
        Mim Eisenberg recently posted..Untitled by Alexander TikhomirovMy Profile

  3. Great shots, Anne, I love ‘em. They look totally similar, yet slightly different, to the boats we see in dock here on the West Coast. Great work, my friend!
    Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..Cowichan Station Rural Traditional SchoolMy Profile

  4. Edith levy says:

    Terrific shots Anne. So did you hitch any of these up in the middle of the night for your Dad…lol.
    Edith levy recently posted..Window to the MediterraneanMy Profile

  5. LensScaper says:

    I love the buildings in the background – they add colour, line and contrast to the gentler lines of the boats
    LensScaper recently posted..Last leaves of AutumnMy Profile

  6. Anja Dobrovski says:

    That 3rd picture is so beautiful, everything is lovely especially the sky !
    Anja Dobrovski recently posted..Abercrombie Printable CouponsMy Profile

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