Top 10 Photography Accomplishments of 2011

2011 was a stellar year for me, not only because I changed my life and had some fantastic photo opportunities as a result, but I also reached many of the other goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year.

1. In January I had two of my images in a gallery show in Victoria, British Columbia.

Flamingo Feathers

Ocean in Motion Triptych

2. In April my image of some boats rafted up in Desolation Sound was published in a Yacht Charter Catalog.

3. In May I sold my house and began my new life as a nomadic photographer.

Trip Banner

4. In October, my image of sunrise at Elliott Bay in Seattle was published in the BetterPhoto Guide to Creative Digital Photography.

5. In October I also made my biggest sale to date. It is a photo of the Seattle Harbour at sunrise I took while I was there taking a seminar from my idol, Art Wolfe.

Bell Harbor Marina, Seattle

6. October was a big month since I also got my first magazine cover!

7. In November I launched my new photography website including new branding and integration of my photo gallery and blog, which you are now viewing!

8. In November I completed and launched my first ebook.
8 Types of Natural Light eBook Cover

9. In December I started my monthly photography newsletter.

10. In December my image of the cobblestone bridge in Acadia National Park, Maine, won 2nd place at

Cobblestone Bridge, Acadia National Park, Maine

What a year! So what are my goals for 2012?

  • write more ebooks
  • find some corporate sponsors so I can keep giving my ebooks away for free
  • get more photos published in magazines
  • increase my blog readership
  • become a snowbird and continue the nomadic photographer lifestyle.

What are your photography goals for 2012?

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    • says

      Hi Piper! It is sometimes hard to believe that it really is all happening. Ever since I made the decision to do it everything has been falling into place. It’s not all easy all the time or anything but it does seem like the path is right in front of me. I really appreciate all the support you have shown me over the past year. It means a lot to me coming from a photographer who I admire so much.

  1. Darlene says

    Anne, I’m so impressed with your accomplishments in 2011! You do wonderful work so if you can make a “next career” of it that would be fantastic. Obviously the life agrees with you!

    • says

      Hi Darlene, thank you! I too hope I can make a second career out of it. I’m still not sure exactly what it will be or how it will work out, but I’ve discovered that you cannot wait until you know the answers to those questions. The answers don’t come until you take a risk and just walking on the path.

    • says

      Hi again Richard, it is pretty amazing to me to see just how much I really did accomplish in one year. I think that making the big change in my life opened me to the opportunities that were waiting to come my way. I really appreciate all the support you have shown me over the past year. Thank you for that.

    • says

      Hi Russ, thank you so much, I hope it keeps going into 2012 too!! Thank you for your support and friendship Russ, it means the world to me and helps make this whole thing happen.

  2. says

    Holy cow, Anne- What a year!!!!! Congratulations on all these awesome successes. Sounds like you’ve got a really strong vision for the upcoming year and for your future with photography. Keep going strong and keep in touch!! – Dan
    Dan Bailey recently posted..10 Blog Highlights for 2011My Profile

    • says

      Thank you so much Dan! It is in no small part due to the support, encouragement and friendship of some great photographers I have met online — like you! You inspire me with your adventure photography, you’ve encouraged me by asking me to write on your blog, and you are always there with supportive comments. I really appreciate all that you have done for me. THANK YOU!

  3. says

    Wow, what a fantastic year. But you didn’t mention the most significant achievement (at least in my opinion). Not many of us would be able to conquer the fear of the unknown..quit your job, sell your home, buy a trailer, and head out to parts unknown. Now that’s an accomplishment. From all I can see, you’re not just handling it well but prospering quite nicely. Congratulations on a fabulous year Anne.

    • says

      Thanks Bill!! It’s funny that conquering the unknown seemed like such a huge deal when I was first considering it, but as I started to implement the plan it just started to seem like it was the only good path to follow. The mountain turned into a small hill with a big surprise on the other side! I really appreciate your comments Bill, thanks.

    • says

      Hi again Steve, going nomad has been the most awesome experience and it really does suit nature photography. I love getting to see so much of the world and focus on the photography. Before I always found that I would photograph during a trip and not do any processing until I got home, spend months processing and not photographing. Now the two things are more integrated and I am constantly switching between photography, processing, blogging, and learning. It’s great.

    • says

      Hi Deborah, thank you so much! It really has been a stellar year and I am so thankful to have the support of some wonderful photographers like yourself who have taught me so much along the way.

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