At a Snail’s Pace

We originally planned on spending the month of December in Florida. Well it’s now February and we’re still here! We are moving at a snail’s pace, and enjoying every minute of it.

Our exploration of Florida started in Daytona, then came Cape Canaveral and the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge where most of my bird photos were taken. Then we continued down the east coast to Everglades National Park and finally to the Keys where we spent a week at Christmas. (I’m still processing photos from the Everglades, but the Keys are coming up on the blog soon.)

After that we started to move along the gulf coast, which was a little hard psychologically, believe it or not. We went from the west coast of Canada as far east as we could go to Newfoundland and then as far south as we could go to the Florida Keys. Now we’re heading west – back in the direction of home.

We’re still a long way from home, but as long as we keep moving at a snail’s pace everything should be fine. The trip is far from over.

Everglades National Park, Florida

The Florida Tree Snail – please click the image to view a larger version.

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      Hi Mim, thanks for the invite, but we went through Georgia in November. Loved it there. We are in Alabama now and heading west so I’m afraid I wont get to meet you this year unless you happen to be travelling to the west coast some time. But I know I will return to Georgia, it’s calling me already :)

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        I’m sorry to have missed you in November, and I sadly can’t travel to the West Coast to meet up with you there, so I’ll just hope you make it back here. Happy trails…

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      Hi Chris, thank you! I’m glad you said that about tying it into my blog because I was struggling trying to think of something to say other than “here’s a snail”. Thanks for your visit and comments.

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    Proof that everything’s brighter and sunnier in Florida! I never knew that snails could look so cool, we only have the boring brown round shelled ones here. (But I still want to macro shoot them) Enjoying your snails pace road adventure Anne, thanks for sharing so many great shots and stories with us.
    Howard J recently posted..Week 4 of 52 – Self PortraitMy Profile

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      Hi Howard, Yes, the snails down here are really interesting, I have never seen anything like them before. I’m used the dull brown ones too 😉 I’m so glad you are enjoying the travel stories, thanks for commenting.

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      Hi Edith! Thanks for your compliment on the image! I do like the snail’s pace, it is really nice to stay in each place for a week or so and get to know it a bit better. I hope we can continue this pace, but it all depends on whether the american authorities allow us to stay longer than our 6 month limit. We have to apply, send in $300, and then if accepted we have to file a US income tax return to prove we are not working. But it’s worth it 😉

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    Nice capture, Anne. Sorry to photo-geek out on you, but every time I see a photo I like, I always want to know how it was done — camera, lens, settings, on/off-camera flash, time of day, and anything else that might have impacted the results. Is that something you care to share?

    Thanks for the blog. I’m enjoying hearing about your trip through my home state (I live in Sarasota). Safe travels.

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      Hi Steve! No problem on the photo geek-out I don’t mind sharing the technical details at all. This image was made mid-day in the shade using a 180mm macro lens, 1/200s, f/8, ISO 320. I used an off camera flash with a little diffuser box around it to soften the light. You can see the reflection of the flash a bit on the shell. But it was pretty dull light in the forest. I very rarely use a flash and don’t know much about it actually. I had the help of another photographer. Feel free to ask questions anytime! Thanks for your visit and comments.

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        Thanks for sharing. I thought I detected additional light here. I rarely use flash either, opting usually for high ISO, a wide-open lens and a steady (sometimes) hand. The additional light really adds depth here.

        Safe travels.

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