Early Rise for the Pelican

At the far end of Everglades National Park, we set up camp at the Flamingo campground. The name is a misnomer though since there are no flamingos to be found there at all.

We rose bright and early and set out in our rented canoe to check out the bay while it was still calm and cool. I was delighted when we paddled away from the marina and around the corner to discover that the pelicans nest in the mangroves unseen from the harbour. We were able to paddle up silently and admire them from below.

Pelicans, Everglades National Park, Florida

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You would think after two months in Florida I would have had my fill of pelicans, but they are one of my favourite birds. I love watching them fly so gracefully. But even more I love watching them take off or land in their awkward manner, bumbling and stumbling, making you wonder how they can fly at all.

Pelican, Everglades National Park, Florida

And check out that double chin, it puts mine to shame :)

Pelicans, Everglades National Park, Florida

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      Hi Marc, yes, it’s true, they really do let you get close. The other day I was at a fishing pier and this pelican came and landed on the railing beside and then proceeded to look at me glaringly like I was imposing on his space!! It was so funny. I kept telling him I was there first.

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      Hi Mark, thank you very much for your visit and feedback on the images. There were so many pelicans in the mangroves! I have some images with 10 pelicans in the frame, but in the end I like the one that is a close-up of just one bird the best too.

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      Hi Katie, I use a Canon 7D and I was using a 400mm lens which I rented for capturing the birds in the Everglades. Pelicans are the most aweseome birds, I just love them. They can really snap that beak shut fast too! They just look so comical. I have seen them before in California, but they are everywhere in Florida. I think there are more pelicans than gulls. Thank you very much for your visit and comments.

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