Travelling Isn’t All About Vacation

One thing I’ve learned travelling full time is that you cannot do everything all the time. I need a rest from this!

I’m sure some people think I am on an extended vacation, but it actually takes quite a bit of work to build a new life as a nomadic photographer. Photographing, processing images, uploading, writing the blog posts, writing a newsletter, writing ebooks, responding to emails and blog comments, interacting with other photographers on twitter and G+, taking care of Oscar, my ancient beagle, and planning the next destination all at the same time. Not to mention time actually spent in transit (that’s when I listen to my photography podcasts).

It’s a good thing I am passionate about photography or it might feel like work! I really love what I am doing now, but it can be exhausting sometimes. I’m glad Ray does all the cooking and maintains the truck and fifth wheel.

I’ve finally finished processing all my images from the Everglades. Okay, who am I kidding, there are still tons left, but I am moving on now. It will be my summer project to go back through all the images from my trip and pick out the good ones that didn’t get processed on the road.

Over Christmas, I took a much needed break in the Florida Keys, which means I hardly have any photos from there. I left my camera tucked away while I read, suntanned on the beach, snorkelled and wandered around the campsite chatting to people and admiring the palm trees. I do have these two images to share.

Key West Island, Florida

Please click the images to view larger versions.

Florida Keys

I am not on vacation. I am not working. I am living!!

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      Hi Mark, it really is important to relax, you cannot be “on” all the time. I often find that my best ideas come when I am doing something else entirely like riding my bike or something. I’m glad you enjoyed the few images I did make down in the keys. Thanks for your comments.

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    Yes – taking the images is the easy bit! I’ve just spent the better part of today working my way through over a hundred images from my most recent trip. And then there’s the backlog! Over 200 emails etc etc. Thank God I’m retired. Love those two images – just spent 4 days in the ‘freezer’ so a sunny beach sounds quite a good idea!
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      Hi Andy, I can appreciate what you say about the backlog. Look at me replying to your comment almost a week later! It’s hard to keep up with everything I want to do but it is so worth it. Thank you very much for your comments.

  2. e says

    nice entry, thanks – re: your comment below; can you share which photography podcasts you listen to? thank you for any info!

    Not to mention time actually spent in transit (that’s when I listen to my photography podcasts).

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      Hi e, You know I think I will write a whole blog post on that, my top 10 photography podcasts. Thanks for the idea! Just to get your started, try “going pro 2010” and “The Grid Live” those are 2 of my favourites. The Grid Live is a video podcast and they kind of chum around for the first 15 minutes. I often fast forward past that part to get to the topic.

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