Fort Myers Beach Pier

I love how all the seaside cities in the USA have had these huge long piers that make the best photographic subjects.

I had great fun photographing the piers at Folly Beach in Charleston, South Carolina and Tybee Island near Savannah, Georgia.

Fort Myers Beach on the Gulf Coast was so busy on the weekend we couldn’t get anywhere near the place. We waited until a week day to head down there for sunset. We stopped at a beachside restaurant that had the best food – I was almost willing to give up my sunset photo shoot to linger over the flavours.

Almost …

But at the last minute we quickly paid the bill and I dashed out the door and down to the beach to make these images.

Fort Myers Beach, Florida
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Fort Myers Beach, Florida

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      Thank you so much Laurie. The sand in the shallow foreground was lumpy from the wave action. I liked how it shaped the water on an incoming wave and the shape held over to the long exposure.

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      Hi Edith, I know I almost didn’t go because the food was so good. But it was my only sunset at that beach so I dragged my extremely full self out there knowing I would regret it if I didn’t! Thank you for the kind compliment.

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      Hi M, well if you want to take over part of my life I have two beagles you can take care of for me! That would make my travelling so much easier. I know you like dogs :) And our home base is very close to you in Sequim. I took your advice and put some more photography tips into my latest post on the Snowy Egret. I hope you enjoyed it.

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      Hi Randy, I believe it was called the Gulf Shore Grill. It was right on the beach, on the second floor, with a stunning view. I probably could have made very similar images without leaving the restaurant. They had yummy drinks too.

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      Hi Michael, don’t you wish it was easier to revisit some of the far off places we visited before and photograph them again? I look back at my images from Prague, Russia, Turkey and they just don’t meet the standards anymore. But they bring back good memories. Thanks for the comments, always appreciated.

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      Hi Chris, they are both long exposures: the first image was 20 seconds and the second 15 seconds. I like how the long exposures blur the water and saturate colour. Thank you very much for your kind compliment.


  1. […] Fort Myers Beach Pier – quite honestly this has to be one of the most incredible pair of sunset photos I’ve ever seen, the colors are so rich and deep they almost jump out of the monitor at the viewer!!  Anne McKinnell really captures the most breathtaking shots in this post taken during sunset in the southern states of the US.  These are gorgeous images, well worth the time to visit and view. […]

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