New Orleans Streetcar

Our goal during our year-long trip around North America has been to see as many parks and beautiful places as possible. We rarely visit cities. But we made an exception for New Orleans.

We discovered that we could drive our big truck from our campsite part way into town and park for free alongside the Mississippi river. From there we took one of the streetcars downtown. The streetcars are a convenient and inexpensive way to get around the city.

New Orleans, Louisiana
New Orleans Streetcar processing in HDR plus Topaz Adjust.

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I made this image of the streetcar on Canal Street in downtown New Orleans by taking 3 exposures and combining them in Photomatix. In post-processing I used Topaz Adjust and moved the “adaptive exposure” slider all the way to the end to give it a grungy look that accented the reds and blues.

I have lots of images from New Orleans to share with you this week including some of the Mardi Gras parade preparations and Bourbon Street at night.

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      Thank you very much Russ. I think I stumbled on a processing combination I really like. It seems to be working on the New Orleans images – I think it just matches the feel of the place.

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