Bourbon Street, New Orleans

My first experience of New Orleans was checking out Bourbon Street at night. The party was on, people were everywhere, music was everywhere, and those bright green drinks were everywhere too. It was actually the week before Fat Tuesday so it was much less crowded than it would be in the height of the event.

Since I was expecting crowds and hadn’t been there before, I decided not to take all my camera gear. Instead I took my backup camera, a Canon XSI, and my lensbaby and had some fun with that.

If you are interested in lenbabies, you can look it up to get the details on what it is, but essentially it is a lens that you pull in an out and it curves around sideways giving you interesting blurry effects. I bought mine before we left on our trip, but I have only played with it once before, so I really don’t know what I’m doing with it. It sure is fun to play with though.

I can’t say the experiment was successful since I had a really hard time getting anything at all in focus. There should be a small “sweet spot” somewhere in the frame that is in focus, but most of my frames were entirely blurry. Only a few of my photos turned out, these three are the best of them.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Please click on the images to view larger versions.

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

There was a heavy police presence and the crowd was really well behaved.

I think I just need more practice, but the blurry effect does demonstrate what the night was like! We had a lot of fun seeing the sights and listening to some fantastic music, but I wouldn’t recommend that bright green drink.

We went back down the next day to walk around the city and I made this image of one of the decorated buildings. The night before there were people lining the balcony throwing beads down to people in the crowd.

New Orleans, Louisiana

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  1. says

    What a coincidence you posted Lensbaby shots today. I have been thinking of getting one for the last year and finally got one this past weekend and have been shooting with it nonstop trying to get used to it. I really like the night time shots with the neon you captured. I love your work Anne and enjoy the rest of your adventures.

    • says

      Hi Mark, glad the post came around at the right time. Well I think I could use some tips on using it so if you come across any tutorials or videos please let me know!

    • says

      Hi Russ, thank you very much, that is what I was going for with the neon lights. The lensbaby sure was fun to use. It is really hard to focus though, maybe because I wear glasses, I’m not sure. I am struggling getting that sweet spot.

    • says

      Hi Chris, New Orleans was a lot of fun. I think we went at a good time of year because Mardi Gras was underway, but not at the height of the event when it is really packed and more expensive. Thanks for your comments!

    • says

      Hi Rory, you used to live there? Wow you must have had lots of opportunities to hear some good music. That was my favourite part about the city. Thank you very much for your comments.

    • says

      Hi Siddhartha, thanks for your comments. You know, I wasn’t too sure about that last image either. The night images show off the city’s energy better. I really appreciate your feedback.

  2. says

    That first shot is gold. You really get a sense of the colors and flurry of activity there. Great shot! I’ve never used a lens baby before but these images make me want to try one on.

    • says

      Hey Matt, thank you so much for the compliment. I bought the cheapest lensbaby to try it out and it is fun to use. Now I wonder if the other models would be easier to focus though.

  3. Darryl Vincent says

    Glad you had a great time in “My City of New Orleans”. Our paths probably crossed as I was there the weekend before “Fat Tuesday(Mardi Gras). Had wonderful food, lots of drinks and lots of photos of sites around the Greater New Orleans area and a parade. The torrential downpour on Saturday did dampen(no pun) the festivities a little but still managed some great photos. Posted them on Facebook is you have a chance to peruse. Please have fun, be safe and keep thoses WONDERFUL photos coming. Your friend…..Darryl

    • says

      Hi Darryl, those are some great parade photos you have on your facebook page! Very cool floats and you did a great job capturing them. Thank you very much for your comments.

    • says

      Hi Mark, ya, that horse was looking at me for sure. I have a whole bunch with him looking right at me, but most are totally blurry. Thanks for your visit and comments.

    • says

      Hi Imamtho, thank you so much, it is an incredible adventure!! I think I just need more practice with the lensbaby, it is hard to use when you have to hold the lens in with your fingers and press the shutter at the same time without changing the focus.

  4. says

    Beautiful Anne. I went there for a week when I was in college. Lots of fun, and I had one of those drinks which is called a Hand Grenade. Tasted good but is uh, very potent… :-)

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