Grapevine Hills, Texas

This is Grapevine Hills in Big Bend National Park, Texas. You have to drive 7.5 miles on an extremely bumpy road that requires a high clearance vehicle or 4 wheel drive. It took a lot longer than expected because you have to drive so slowly. That’s why I always like to leave early for the sunset shoot – you just never know what is going to try to stand in your way! The trail you can see in the valley is the trail we hiked out to get to balanced rock from yesterday’s post.

Big Bend National Park, Texas
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  1. Chuck Bruton says

    I posted that this is one of the best images I’ve seen from the
    Bid Bend area………well done !

    • says

      Hi Jay, Sorry for the late reply, I have had very limited internet access lately. Thank you very much for your comments on the Grapevine Hills image. It was an amazing scene to behold! I’m glad I did it justice. It was one of my favourite places in Big Bend.

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