Tequila Agave, Texas

Another plant common in southern Texas is the agave, known as tequila or blue agave. Technically it is an “agave tequilana” although in Texas it may be better known as a blue agave since Mexico has claimed exclusive international rights to the word “tequila” and even stipulates which regions of the country the liquor may be made.

Agave, Texas

The plant grows at high altitudes in sandy soil (no wonder there are so many in Big Bend National Park) and has fleshy spiky leaves that can be up to 5 or 6 feet long.

Agave, Big Bend National Park, Texas

That’s enough literal description and images for me! Lets get to the art:
Agave, Big Bend National Park, Texas
Please click on the images to view larger versions.

I am trying to find some more of these to photograph in my travels. Due to the long drought in Texas, half of the plants and cactuses in Big Bend were dead! It was still a beautiful place, but so dry even a cactus has a hard time growing. It was difficult to find any suitable candidates for photography. But I am keeping my eye out for more because I think there is good potential for some abstract images of the leaves and spikes.

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      Haha I was going to say the same thing Chris! :-p

      And yes I agree with you on the fact that the first shot is impressive – quite a giant plant – or is it a small house? Hmmmm
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      Hi Chris, oh yes, some of them are huge. There must be a few different varieties I guess but some of them are almost as tall as me. Thanks for your visit and comments!

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      Hi Toad, Sorry for the late reply, I have had very limited internet access lately. I like the house too! I’m not sure if you noticed the man in the cowboy hat in the window? He’s pretty hard to see but I think he adds to the image too. Thank you very much for your visit and comments.

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