Chisos Mountains, Texas

I think the term “go big or go home” must have been coined in Big Bend National Park. This land of extremes is made of massive canyons, vast desert plains and rugged mountain ranges rising from the desert floor. It can be intensely hot during the day and freezing cold at night and during our visit the long standing drought made everything dry as a bone. The Rio Grande sits at an elevation of 2,000 feet and the mighty Chisos Mountains at 8,000. It makes for quite a climb both for the truck, as far as the roads will take us, and for us beyond that point.

These are some of the images I made of these magnificent mountains.

At Castolon Peak, the layers reveal millions of years of volcanic activity. The tower contains several lava flows, ash deposits, gavel and clay.

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  1. Mike JK Leahy says

    Hi the Anne.

    Keep the pictures coming, they are all amazing. I guess you can start earmarking some for a book before long.

    Take care,
    Mike JK Leahy
    Photo Art Studios

    • says

      Hi Mike, thank you! I’m so glad you have enjoyed seeing the images from my journey. Yes, I am sure I will be putting a book together about my trip, all the things I have seen, and my new perspective on life. Thanks for your visit.

  2. Mim Eisenberg says

    My fave is the last shot, which shows the steep slope and perfectly captures the wonderful colors of the place.

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