Sunset on a Ghost Town

As the sky began to change and late afternoon turned to evening, I made my way to the ruins of the old Chisos Mining Company in Terlingua, Texas. It was such a peaceful evening. I felt lucky to be able to experience such a magical place.

Terlingua, Texas

Terlingua, Texas

Terlingua, Texas

Terlingua, Texas

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    Wow, this is great, Anne! Love all the details and such in the empty outlines of the buildings. That 3rd shot has something bright red in the window there… a drape perhaps?… anyways, it drew my eye straight away to it. Love this, my friend!
    Toad Hollow Photography recently posted..Waiting On A TrainMy Profile

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      Hi Toad, the bright red is actually a red light. I asked my husband Ray to go inside and direct the light to the back wall and out that one window. We didn’t have a very powerful light though. I would like to try it again with a stronger light, but I like the effect too. He’s such a good photo assistant 😉

  2. says

    Hi Anne,

    I’ve been enjoying your posts – I particularly like the images of the ghost town in Texas. They take me back to when as a young boy and I watched the western movies.

    Enjoy your journey. Keep the images coming!

    Fred O’Donnell

    • says

      Hi Fred, thank you very much for your visit and comments on the blog. I’m really glad you have enjoyed reading about my journey. Texas was just like a western movie, I really like it there.

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      Hi Chris, it is light painting. I asked my husband to go inside the ruin and during the long exposure he used a red light to light the back wall and the window. It wasn’t a very powerful light though so it wasn’t quite the effect I wanted. It turned out more subtle but still ok. Thanks for your comments!

  3. Daniel says

    my name is Daniel. this massage is from Taiwan.(below JAPAN)
    I am learning English now and browse through the NEWS web site for learning.
    I forget i am through BBC or CNN travel page to connect with your blog.
    i am reading your is “Sunset on a Ghost Town” and “Terlingua, a Texas Ghost Town”
    i like your picture and through your article to understand what is TEXAS GHOST TOWN.
    like your story . especially about your dogs. Oscar. wish you and your dogs.
    please forgive me for my bad English.
    i am follow your travel article. bye

    • says

      Hi Daniel, Thank you very much for your comment all the way from Taiwan! And thank you for the best wishes for my dog, he is doing much better now. I’m very glad that you are enjoying the blog. Stay in touch!


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