Which city has the best “Welcome To …” sign?

I can’t say I usually pay attention to the “Welcome to [insert city name], Home of the [insert team name]” signs. Every city big and small has one. Some are square, some are round. But none have caught my attention like the one at Fort Stockton, Texas.

Fort Stockton, Texas
Please click the image to view a larger version.

We stayed at Fort Stockton before and after our visit to Big Bend National Park. One afternoon a thunderstorm rolled through and when it cleared I had to take the opportunity to go back to the sign, which is more of a sculpture, to make this image.

Have you seen any great “welcome to…” signs in your travels?

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      Hi Andy, thank you! When the storm passed through I knew it would be a good opportunity to go back. It was mid-day when we first drove past it. It looks so much better with dramatic skies behind it.

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    Welcome to Reno is probably the most eye-catching one that I’m aware of. The Vegas sign is very popular as well.

    There is a town called “Hell” in Michigan, so I wonder if and what their sign looks like? Welcome to Hell.

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      Hi Richard, I’ve never been to Reno and I don’t think I photographed that Vegas sign when I was there, but I know which one you are referring to. If I ever make it to Hell I don’t think I’ll be photographing!!

  2. Charlenevans09 says

    Are those people riding horses are statues? This photo is totally beautiful! I love the color of the sky! It so wonderful!
    Nice shot Anne!

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      Hi Charlene, yes, that’s right, I think they are made of metal. They were a little ways away in a field, so I’m not sure what they were made of but it seemed like metal and there were other metal sculptures in the town. Thank you very much for your comments!

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        Anne and Charlene,

        My name is Brian Norwood, and I am the creator of the cavalry silhouettes, the Comanche silhouettes west of Fort Stockton and the metal art surrounding the Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center in Fort Stockton.

        The silhouettes that you see in this photo are made of 1/4 inch steel plate, hand cut with a plasma cutter. The tip of the lance which holds the guidon (flag) stands 27 feet off the ground. They are supported by 6 inch square steel tubing which extends 8 feet into the ground and is surrounded by concrete.

        I live in Jal, New Mexico and invite you to come to see our cattle drive, titled “The Trail Ahead…”. The tallest figure is almost 21 feet tall and the 17 pieces stretch 400 feet across a ridge north of Jal. For more photos of these and other of my works, visit my website, BrianNorwoodArt.com.

        And Anne, thank you for highlighting my work and for a fantastic photo!

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          Hello Brian! Wow, what an honour it is that the artist who made this beautiful metal art found my image of it and commented on it!! I am so glad you like the photograph. The skies on that day sure added some drama to the scene. I am really far behind in adding images from my travels to my official gallery (http://annemckinnell.photoshelter.com/gallery-list) but when I do I will certainly let you know it is there. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog. I will take a look at your website to see more of your beautiful art.

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