Route 66 Vintage Car and Trailer

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, we stayed at an RV park along historic Route 66 called “Enchanted Trails RV Park & Trading Post” which was originally a trading post in the late 1940’s. There I found a fantastic photography subject: a vintage car pulling a vintage trailer!

The car and trailer are available for rental and the trailer looked pretty roomy inside given its small size. Just imagine the looks you would get if you drove around in this!

1950 Hudson Commodore with 1954 VaKaShunette
1950 Hudson Commodore with 1954 VaKaShunette

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I felt like I should rent it so I could drive it to a better place for the purpose of photography. As it is the background is rather cluttered and distracting with the trees and RVs, but it shows you what was there in front of me.

To make my “artistic” image, I decided I had to exclude the trailer. I positioned myself in front of the vehicle and got down low angling my camera upwards.

1950 Hudson Commodore
1950 Hudson Commodore

It was mid-day as you can tell by the shadows from the tree above on the hood of the car. I took three exposures and combined them in Photomatix. Then I brought the image into Topaz Adjust and used a setting called “Grunge Me” to make the final image. If you have Topaz Adjust, you can download the “Grunge Me” setting for free at Photoframd.

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    What an amazing journey you are having, what you are seeing, experiencing, and sharing. Thanks for all the inspiration you bring.

    • says

      Thank you very much Piper! I really like how the subject matter keeps changing as I travel. First there were lots of water landscapes, then wildlife, then some architecture and cars along the way, and now I’m in red rock country. I love the travelling lifestyle!

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    Those blues are electric along with the ?Aluminium on the trailer. What a combo to own. I love the way you’ve handled the second image too. Great contrast and silvery shine.
    LensScaper recently posted..BluebellsMy Profile

    • says

      Thank you so much Andy. It was an eye catcher for sure. I like how the silvers turned out in the second image too. I am always trying to get those silvers rather than greys.

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      Thank you very much Edith! I think every time I try it I use a different technique to convert to black and white! I don’t have the hang of which tool works best for which subject but I like how this particular preset turned out on the car.

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