Cathedral Rock, Sedona, Arizona

The most iconic image of Sedona, Arizona, has to be Cathedral Rock. It costs $9 to access Red Rock Crossing, which almost deterred me from going, but I just couldn’t go home without my iconic shot. I like icons.

Cathedral Rock, Red Rock Crossing, Sedona, Arizona
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You can photograph Cathedral Rock from many different angles providing different foreground features which gives you a little more bang for your buck.

Cathedral Rock, Red Rock Crossing, Sedona, Arizona

I hate to bore you with too many shots from the same location, but tomorrow I have two amazingly lucky shots I got here.

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    • says

      Thanks Jackson! I was surprised to find the buildings too since I hadn’t seen an image with them. You always see the same one with the river in the front, which I also took, I couldn’t help myself. But it is nice to see some different perspectives.

    • says

      Thanks Brian! I think the reflections can get even better at different times of year when the puddles are larger. I only had small puddles so small reflections too. It was a neat perspective though.

  1. Mim says

    Spectacular capture with the reflections in the puddles and the long foreground rocks leading the eye to the iconic formations.

  2. says

    I can’t resist icons either. Nice captures, Anne. I also like the reflection in the puddle. Were these single or multiple exposures?

  3. says

    Awesome shots! Looking forward to seeing the others. All the tourists go to Slide Rock State Park – which is spectacular in its own right. Like you, however, many of us locals prefer Crescent Moon Ranch. You did a great job of capturing it in a spectacular light!

    • says

      Hi Alan, oh I so agree! It would be much nicer without all the people :) I have grown used to the wilderness and it is always a huge adjustment for me to go to such an overcrowded place. Thanks for the compliment.

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