Twin Rocks at Capitol Reef

I was treated to a lovely sunset at Capitol Reef National Park in Utah. I really liked how the direct light shone onto the red twin rocks and made them glow.

Twin Rocks, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
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It’s hard to tell from this angle why they are called twin rocks. One of the rocks in this grouping looks like two melded together from another point of view. Otherwise you’re probably thinking “why are they twin rocks when there are three?” Actually, there were a whole bunch of rocks.

The sun was setting behind me and I wanted to make an image with the colourful sky in the frame, but there were no great features on that side to put in the foreground. I had to scramble up a big hill and down the other side to get some of the rocks in the foreground with the sun setting behind them.

Twin Rocks, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

By combining three exposures, one for the highlights, one for the shadows, and one for the mid-tones, I was able to maintain a bit of detail and colour in the rocks while still showing the strong colours of the sunset in the background.

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