Our Grand Adventure Ends On A Sad Note

I am in Seaside, Oregon, now. Only one week and one state away from home. But I wish my adventure hadn’t ended on such a sad note after loosing my best friend and long time companion Oscar, my old beagle.

In a way I wish I had held on to him for one more week so I wouldn’t feel like he didn’t make it home. But then I realize that he was home. He has been home this whole time. Since we moved into the RV this has been his home and he liked it here. Only the outside world changed. If I held onto him for one more week, that would have been for me and not the best thing for him.

When we got to the Pacific Ocean again, I am convinced that Oscar thought we were all home. He seemed to come alive on the beach at Crescent City that day and he really enjoyed his last beach walk. When he started going downhill I rushed him up here to Seaside where he could go to Cannon Beach, his favourite place in the world. But he didn’t come alive like he did at Crescent City. He just sat there and watched.

I have a lot more images to show you from the trip, but I really don’t feel like processing them or making new images or doing any writing. So I think I’ll take this last week off from the blog while we get ready to cross the border and go home.

Thank you to everyone who left me such kind comments and words of support on my blog post last week, and on facebook, and those who sent me personal emails. It made a big difference to hear from so many people.

I’ll leave you, for now, with this image of Oscar that I made at Cannon Beach about a year and a half ago.

Oscar at Cannon Beach, Oregon
Oscar at Cannon Beach, Oregon

Please click the image to view a larger version.

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  1. Darlene says

    Aw Anne, I’m so very sorry! Losing your Oscar is such huge loss. Try to take comfort in the fact that he had a wonderful life with you, full of love and caring and boat rides and good food. Take time to grieve his absence but also know letting him go was a last kindness. My deepest sympathy.

  2. says

    Oh, Anne–I am so sorry. I missed your post last week, or I’d have responded sooner. Losing a pet, especially one you’ve shared so many years with, is such a difficult thing. I’m glad he got to walk on that beach one last time, and I’m sure he knew how much you loved him. My condolences, and continued safe travels as you finish this journey.
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  3. Mim says

    I know how much you’re hurting, Ann, but you KNOW you did the right thing for Oscar. How very, very lucky he was to share that journey with you and all your journeys during his long life. You, of course, were lucky, too, to have such a loving companion.

  4. says

    Anne, I have to confess your last post brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine how many you’ve shed, and will continue to shed as you miss your friend.

    As others have said: of course you did the right thing, and you gave Oscar the best time of his long life this past year. He must have been in doggie ecstasy with all those new smells and places to explore, and his humans right there with him for so much more of every day. When he stopped being able to enjoy it, yes, it was time to let him go. Anything else would have been hanging on for your sake and not his, and I’m glad you did the right thing. And you bet – YOU were his home, not a house or even an RV.

    You have a wealth of memories to cherish, and I hope you can take comfort from them and smile through the tears. Hang in there, and throw a stick now and again in Oscar’s honor.

  5. Laurie Nelson Alexander says

    Our love and hugs at this time of such great loss Anne. Our four-footed family members steal our hearts when we are first graced with them in our lives…and that connection never lets go. You have been so blessed to have such an angel in your life.

    Sending our love from Seattle,
    Laurie and Kaya

  6. says

    What a lovely looking dog, Anne. I won’t repeat all I said last week, but I do know how much you will be missing Oscar. Dogs become wonderful companions and they can fill a house just by sitting there. We never got round to replacing our lovely little dog when he died a few years ago and now our daughter has an Entlebucher (I posted about him 2 weeks ago on my blog) so we have a dog that hopefully will be loaned to us periodically. Enjoy your last week as you cross over into Canada and be proud of all you have achieved. What a ride Oscar has had!
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  7. Ireena Nieuwenhuis says

    So sorry for your loss Anne, I know how wonderful it is to have a companion that accepts your love and affection without expectation. I would love to meet up with you when you come home to Victoria.

    Have a safe trip home.

  8. says


    I’m so very sorry to hear this news. I haven’t been able to keep up with you for a while due to my own things. It brings tears to my eyes to read of the loss of your best friend. I have a pup who means the world to me too. Your poem is such a wonderful tribute. May Oscar rest peacefully and may you rediscover joy and remember the good memories as you journey on.

    Sending love and light,

  9. Jon Lamrouexjmlamrouex says


    You gave Oscar his adventure as well and as with my dogs he would not have wanted to be anyplace except by your side.

    As I said before, remember the good times, savor these memories that cannot be taken from you or minimized because of the hard decision you made.

    Oscar does not hold the choice you were forced to make against you, he counted on you to make the decision he could not.

    All my best thoughts and thanks to you for sharing your adventure, especially your deep and caring thoughts on Oscar.


    • says

      Jon, your comment that “Oscar does not hold the choice you were forced to make against you, he counted on you to make the decision he could not.” touched my heart and really helped me come to terms with the decision I had to make. Your comment had a big impact on me I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help me.

  10. snowy says


    Thank you for your tribute and photos of your beloved Oscar. It’s so hard even when you know you know your decision-making was guided by what was best for him, the whole way through. Your rational mind knows the decision is clear, but your heart keeps tugging at you, wanting to hang on.

    All our dogs deserve a guardian that looks out for them always, but not all are so fortunate as Oscar. I’m so glad he got to breathe in the Pacific sea breeze and feel the beach sand between his toes one last time. Looking at your photos you can tell he’s in his element.


  11. Alexander says

    I feel sorry for your loss, all of us who have lost a pet know how it feels.
    I enjoyed following you on your fantastic trip, I hope it is not the end….

  12. Heidi says

    This is just one of those things that breaks your heart. I am saddened by Oscar’s passing.

    I guess that Oscar is just so happy to be in the beach that he didn’t care if it is really his home or not. The important thing for him is to be with you.
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  13. says

    Anne, I feel your pain. I’m sure Oscar was as close to you as our Lab, that we lost earlier this year. Oscar is in a better place. Thanks for allowing all of us to follow you in your travels.
    Ken Rowland recently posted..Newfound GapMy Profile

  14. says

    I just want to express my sincere thanks to everyone who left comments on my posts about Oscar. It really meant a lot to me to have so many supportive words after making such a difficult decision.

    I especially want to thank Jon who said “Oscar does not hold the choice you were forced to make against you, he counted on you to make the decision he could not.” That brought tears to my eyes but I know that you are right and it helped me come to terms with it all.

    It has taken me awhile to rekindle my interest in photography and life but I am getting there.

    You guys are the best.

  15. says

    Anne…I could feel your pain in your words. It still amazes me the bonds we form with our dogs. I am soon to be 64 and have had so many close relationships with my pets all my life. It just hurts so bad to lose a good friend and I am getting to the age that each time I get a new dog, that it will be my last one. That flat out brings tears to my heart……shalom en theos†††jim

    • says

      Hi Jim, thank you so much for your comments. It is so painful to loose a friend, and our dog friends we spend so much time with and share so many memories with. That is really a big part of it I think – with dogs, you do everything with them, so they become part of your memories of every adventure you have. It is sad to think that your next dog could be your last :( But try to think of it the other way. You will be the love of some lucky dog’s life.

  16. Susan Phillips says

    I so appreciated your Video of Oscar. As I sit here in tears missing my Old Clydie, “Dew” a Basset hound. I had to put him to sleep in January after 12 + years. He had been moving slow and one day I came home and he was having a stroke and very upset, yelping. I knew it was time. Every day i’d say to him we have work to “dew” and he listened to all my photography tales and how we did it! On the vet’s table we said our goodbyes and i reminded him he was my best dog. He shook his head as he did. I also have had a tough time getting work done since January. Maybe my Clyde is in dog heaven with all the recent photographers’ dogs from Facebook whom have passed including Oscar and our now new photog friends. I plan on adopting another next year after my son’s wedding. How dogs reach our souls like nothing else we do not know. We need to rescue those that have no homes; as I rescued mine.

    • says

      Hi Susan, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story about your basset hound. It truly is amazing how dogs reach our souls, be have such a strong bond with them. I think it’s because they need us as much as we need them.

  17. Crystal says

    Hello Anne,
    I wanted to let you know that Dynamo has joined Oscar today. I am so at a loss right now each corner I turn a memory. Time will heal and I know myife was bettered by the time I had with her. One day at a time right?

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