Back on the Pacific Coast: Crescent City California

The scent of the Pacific Ocean’s salt and seaweed and the dark, almost black, sand were signs that we were almost home. It seemed strange to be back in familiar territory after almost a year travelling around North America seeing new things every day.

Crescent City, California, is close to the border with Oregon and is becoming a frequent stop over point for us when returning home. Here is where we start heading north towards British Columbia.

Crescent City, California
Rocky Shoreline at Crescent City

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I seem to be attracted to towns with less than 10,000 people and beautiful beaches.

Crescent City, California
The view from behind Battery Point Lighthouse.

Crescent City suffered extensive damage after the tsunami caused by last year’s earthquake in Japan, but it looked pretty much back to normal when we were there.

Crescent City, California
Our beachfront RV park. That’s us with the big window under the flag pole

This is the place where Oscar and I had our last walk on the beach. I think when he smelled the Pacific Ocean again, he thought we were home.

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      Hi Edith, I hope you enjoyed your trip to Maine! It’s really nice there, but expensive I found. I hope you get up to the east coast of Canada some time. If you liked Maine you will love Cape Breton in Nova Scotia. Thank you very much for the compliment on my images :)

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      Hi Mike, thank you very much, I really appreciate your comments. I actually am home now – my processing is just a little behind. It’s nice to be back on Vancouver Island. It is really beautiful here in the summer and I have been enjoying the boating.

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