Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City

I seem to be lucky when it comes to photographing Crescent City, California, and in particular the Battery Point Lighthouse.

When I visited there a couple of years ago I was treated to the most dramatic sunset. A red fiery sky that quickly turned to deep purple.

This time was totally different, but I really like the cool blue tranquil feeling of the image I made at twilight. It fits the sad feeling I had at the time because my old beagle wasn’t doing so well.


Please click the image to view a larger version.

I waited until dusk when the sky is that cobalt blue colour and also when the lighthouse turns on its house lights. The lighthouse flashes its light for 3 seconds every 25 seconds and this is a 10 second exposure. So I would wait for the light to flash, count to 20 and then trip to shutter to ensure the light would appear to be on in the image.

The long exposure makes the ocean appear smooth but I also added to this feeling by using a soft diffusing filter in post-processing.

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