Pacific Tree Frog

I didn’t have to go far for this photograph! While I was getting my equipment ready for one of our excursions Ray tapped on the window and waved for me to come outside and see who was in our campsite. A pacific tree frog!

Pacific Tree Frog

The tiny frog was only about an inch long. I always like to see their suction cup toes and their brown eye masks that reveal rather than hide their identity.

He was too high up on the tree for me to use my tripod which meant there was no way I could use my 500D close-up filter either. I had to use my telephoto lens and hand hold the camera standing about 15 feet away from the tree before I could get the frog in focus. Shutter speed was critical to make a sharp image so I had to increase the ISO to 1600, much higher than I would usually go, to allow for at least 1/200 second shutter speed.

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