Coffee Coloured Sunset

This is my final image from Rebecca Spit on Quadra Island, BC. Really. Well … for this year’s trip anyway.

Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island, British Columbia
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This is a high dynamic range image made by combining 3 exposures in Photomatix. Then I brought the resulting HDR image into Nik Silver Efex Pro where I converted it to black and white and treated it with some coffee coloured toning. I really like the coffee shade – it is not quite as brown as sepia and just adds a little warmth to the grey tones.

Rebecca Spit has quickly become one of my favourite places to photograph so I’m sure I will visit again when I am back in BC next summer. It’s hard to believe I only have 7 weeks left in BC before heading back down south to enjoy a warm winter and do some more exploring in the desert.

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  1. Susan says

    Have walked these beaches many times. Love this shot Anne. Next time you are on Quadra, be sure to go to Francisco Pt. cliffs on the S. E. end. You will see some amazing photo ops from up there and across the straight.

  2. Pat Yeager says

    thank you for another wonderful ph oto tip, and for sharing your amazing images.
    You are an inspiration. I appreciate your lessons.

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