8 Ways To Accelerate Your Photography

I am so excited today to announce my new eBook “8 Ways To Accelerate Your Photography.”

8 Ways To Accelerate Your Photography

Over the past year I have received many emails from readers and I’ve noticed one theme that comes up again and again.

There is not enough time to learn everything.

It’s true! Not only are you the photographer but now the jobs that used to belong to lab technicians, marketers, web designers and business managers also belong to you.

It can be overwhelming!

I wrote this eBook to share with you the quickest and most effective techniques in 8 core knowledge areas so you can accelerate your learning curve and start making great images right away:

  • understand the most useful camera settings and when to use them.
  • make compelling photographs that are more than snapshots
  • turn your photography into fine art with post processing
  • let the quality of light show you what kind of images to make
  • find your niche, your unique strengths and style
  • create a killer portfolio that gets attention
  • get your photography on the web and build your audience
  • make money

I have a special introductory price of $7.99 but, for a limited time, you can get 25% off by using the discount code “accelerate25” in the cart. That brings the price down to only $5.99!

Find out more about the eBook and grab your copy here.

You’ll be making great images and sharing them with the world in no time.

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    • says

      Hi Len, thank you so much! It kind of felt like the pressure was on to make this first product I am selling, but so far so good!! Thank you for all your encouragement along the way.

  1. David kenney says

    I tried the accelerate25 promo code, it said it was expired. Is there a newer one. I would like to purchase the ebook.

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