Sunset on Palouse, Washington

There’s just something about those rolling hills in Palouse. The texture of the land after the wheat harvest, the way the shadows fall on the rolling hills, the bright green shades at the edges of the day, and of course, the red barns.

Palouse, Washington

The only thing I missed were the wildflowers. Drat, I guess I’ll just have to go back in the spring…

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  1. Kaz says

    an impressionistic beauty!
    I even printed it out and pinned it in my shop.
    Although looking at it a bit longer I think we have two pics here – dividing it horizontally..

    • says

      Really? I am surprised since I totally overlooked this one the first time around. Well you just never know. I guess that shows that its a good idea for me to go through my archives and see what I missed. Thanks for your comments!


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