Fall in Virginia

Picking out these unprocessed images from the many images I made on our trip around North America last year, I am reminded of so many places I said I would return to and know I will one day.

One of those is the drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway that follows the Appalachian trail through Virgina and North Carolina.

Whenever I am travelling I find myself much more interested in history than I used to be. It’s different when you have the context of being in a place I guess. Here I learned that this incredible road that winds through misty mountains and colourful forest was a make-work project during the depression. Now it is America’s longest scenic drive. I remember that lots of the campsites we stayed at were make-work projects too.

To think that the money that was spent to spur the economy so many decades ago created this infrastructure that is still appreciated today and for a long time to come.

Fall in Virginia
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I made this image on the trail to Fallingwater Cascades near Bedford, Virginia.

I wish I had more images from this area, but at least I managed to dig out three that were left unprocessed last year. The fact was that it was really windy, the storms set in, and it started getting really cold at night which not good for the RV. So part way between Shenandoah National Park on the north end and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on the south end, we bailed out and headed back to the coast where it wasn’t so cold.

Since the Great Smoky Mountains didn’t get crossed off my list I guess I’ll have to go back :)

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    • says

      Hi Andy, it is a bit of a classic shot and that’s probably why I overlooked it the first time around. I thought it was too cliche. But then again I don’t have one like it in my collection until now. Thanks for your comments Andy!

  1. says

    Every time I walk into the woods I take one of these shooting up at the sky shots. It’s just a really good way to show how small we really are sometimes.

    Nicely done Anne – Love the fall colors too!
    John recently posted..A Touch of FallMy Profile

    • says

      Hi John, I find it hard to get a good like this because I always want the trees to be in perfect alignment and just the right colours and everything. But mother nature isn’t perfect and I guess that should be part of the beauty. I should just take the shot anyway. After all, I am finding the shots I pass up the first time around are turning into some of my favourites! Thanks for your comments John.

  2. Cindy McFarland says

    Hi Anne,
    I’ve spent much time on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. I was raised at the foothills in a small town called Spencer. My three sisters and I have such special memories of fall picnics and scenic drives along the parkway. It’s a special place!

    • says

      Hi Cindy, I really hope to go back there one day. I would start my travels in that area a little sooner in the fall season because it was starting to get a bit cold and windy but I did enjoy it. Thanks for leaving your comments.

  3. says

    Was just camping off the Blue Ridge Pkway a couple of weeks ago. I love your upwards Fall shot with the wide angle lens. Great to do in the fall, and maybe with snow is all I can hope for now… I’ll try for one of those soon. For now (two weeks ago), I took a similar one at night, going for stars.
    Mike Shaw recently posted..Night PhotographyMy Profile

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