A Quiet Afternoon in Daytona

Here is another image I dug out of my archives from my trip last year. This is Daytona Beach on a quiet but warm afternoon in December.

Daytona Beach, Florida
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I understand this place can be a total circus during the Daytona 500 or during spring break or at Christmas and probably New Years and a bunch of other occasions too. But when I was there it was nice and quiet and Ray and I got that big long beach almost to ourselves.

I processed this image using one of Trey’s awesome Lightroom presets. (I’m sure if you’re a photography fan you know who Trey is but if not you should.)

Trey really knows how to make Lightroom sing and I have great fun playing with around with these presets. They are not the kind of presets that barely do anything visible. There are some really nifty settings being used and I learn a lot about Lightroom just deconstructing the presets. The one I used here is called “Big Wheel Race.”

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      Hi Sabrina, thank you very much I’m glad you enjoyed the image. There are actually two facebook like buttons, one on the left side of the post and one at the bottom. Maybe they didn’t load for you. Sometimes they don’t show up right away. But thank you for “liking” anyway :)

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      Thank you very much Toad! I think it’s turning out to be one of my less popular images. But that’s ok, they can’t all be sunrises or people would get bored :) I really do think you need to go to Daytona one day, I just know you would be hooked on that speedway. When we were there I was looking at the RV spots they have in the middle of the speedway. How cool is that?

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