Boondocking in Borrego Springs

We have a new favourite place to go boondocking!

Near Palm Springs, California, lies a tiny town called Borrego Springs. Only about 3,500 people live there and it is surrounded by Anza-Borrego Desert State Park where you are free to park your rig and camp anywhere you like for free.

Boondocking in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
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While here I was inspired by the story of a past resident of Borrego Springs, Richard Avery, who was heir to the family fortune made by his father’s invention of the self-stick labels. You know, Avery Labels?

But Richard Avery didn’t sit around counting his money very much. He played varsity basketball, he was a lawyer, he was Dean of Students at California Western School of Law. He was both a contractor and a realtor. He flew a plane, was an accomplished pianist and a magician. But above all, he was a philanthropist.

His philanthropy extended to China, South Africa, Taiwan as well as the USA and Canada and included projects to help AIDS orphans among other things.

While living in Borrego Springs, he contributed a great deal to the town including building an arts center, a skate park, and supporting all kinds of local organizations. He also purchased 3 non-contiguous acres of land – little spots all over town. It is on that land that now lies 126 giant metal sculptures he commissioned from Ricardo Breceda. The sculpture garden brings many tourists to the town and boosts the local economy.

Here’s one of my favourites, a 350 foot serpent.

Serpent Sculpture, Borrego Springs, California

What a legacy!

It really got me thinking. All I need to do is come up with a super simple idea that will make a fortune (you know, like sticky labels) and then devote the rest of my life to philanthropic causes.

Talk about a life worth living!

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  1. Crunch Hardtack says

    Hi Anne-

    I enjoy your blog and the fresh insights you provide on the subject of photography and the places you shoot.

    If you are still in Anza Borrego, have you visited the Mud Slots? They are pretty neat!


    • says

      Hi Crunch! Thank you very much I’m glad you are enjoying the blog :) Yes, when we were in Borrego Springs we went to a place called “The Slot”. Is that what you are referring to? It was pretty neat. I haven’t processed the images yet. I’m falling behind!!

  2. Jennifer Cox says

    Love the sculpture pics – you’re so lucky. I’d just be happy if it would stop raining in the UK, so that I coyuld get out with my camera! :(

    • says

      Hi Jennifer, go out with your camera anyway!! That’s the best thing to do. Take a friend, make her wear some funny rubber boots and carry a red umbrella and see what you can do. In British Columbia, where it rains almost ALL THE TIME, I used to like to go out as soon as the rain stopped and try to find puddles on cobblestone or drops on leaves. Don’t let it stop you :)


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