The Valley of Fire, Nevada

A few months ago I received an email from one of my readers, Don Davis. He said he lives in Nevada near a beautiful spot called the Valley of Fire and also happens to own a small RV park. He offered my husband and I a free RV spot in exchange for some photography advice and help with his website.

After looking at some images from the Valley of Fire I decided this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up and so we made plans to visit in March.

The RV park, Palm Creek Gardens, is about 45 minutes from the park in Moapa. Don and his wife Marsha have a few acres of property beside a hot spring, dozens of fruit trees, a yard with a huge barbecue pit for the campers, a whole bunch of dogs and horses, and about a dozen RV spaces. It’s a beautiful spot that I highly recommend to anyone who is planning an RV trip to the Valley of Fire.

As for the Valley of Fire itself, I think it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to! The east entrance to the park has more rock arches than I’ve ever seen. They are not as big as those you find in Arches National Park, but there are hundreds of small arches.

The Valley of Fire, Nevada, by Anne McKinnell
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The park is a photographer’s paradise full of stunning rock formations in all the colours of the rainbow. Red, orange, pink, yellow and even blue and purple!! The photo below is the view you will see from your car on the park’s scenic drive.

The Valley of Fire, Nevada, by Anne McKinnell

You don’t even have to hike anywhere to see beauty like that. But I couldn’t stop myself from taking the opportunity to explore this amazing land. There is an endless supply of stunning views with fabulous colour, lines and textures.

The Valley of Fire, Nevada, by Anne McKinnell

The Valley of Fire, Nevada, by Anne McKinnell

This is only the beginning! I will have many, many more images to show you from this astonishing place.

Spring is here! Are you ready to get out your camera and start making some beautiful images? I hope so because I am ready to help you!

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I’m super excited about it because this time you will have the choice of learning on your own or getting personalized feedback on your assignments!

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  1. says

    These are great, Anne! I feel like I’ve only ever seen shots of a couple spots in VoF, spots that seem to be well on their way to icon status. I really like that you’ve given me some wider views and a better sense of the broader landscape.
    Jackson Frishman recently posted..Zion IntimatesMy Profile

    • says

      Thank you very much Jackson! I’m glad you like them because there are going to be many many more!! I made so many images there it was crazy but I couldn’t stop :)

    • says

      Thank you very much Kyle! The Valley of Fire seems to be a well kept secret but I think I let the cat out of the bag! I hope you do go, I would love to see how it looks through your lens.

    • says

      Hi Stephen, it’s a beautiful spot isn’t it? I hope you get a chance to go back. There are so many opportunities for photographers there. Thanks for your comments!

    • says

      Hi Joan, that sounds great to set up your lawn chairs there to watch the sunset! We found a great spot near the last parking lot where you can hike up a hill and watch the sunset from the top. It’s gorgeous! Thanks for your comments Joan.

  2. Charles says

    Still loving your site – but you are missing something on your list of places —- C O L O R A D O

    • says

      Hi Charles, Oh I know!!! Colorado!! I really want to go. We haven’t been there yet because of the mountains. We’re not sure if we can tow the RV up there. I’ll have to do some more research because I would love to go. Thanks for reminding me!

    • says

      Thank you so much Len! Isn’t that the hard part about looking back now to places you’ve been before? I do it too. Even the places I travelled to back in the old film days I wish I could return to photograph them again today.

    • says

      Thank you Laura! This is the first time I’ve really explored in Nevada. There is also Death Valley National Park, most of which is technically in California, but you enter from Nevada. I bet there are probably more places in Nevada worth exploring. Thanks for your comments.

  3. says

    I have only recently become familiar with the landscapes of the Valley of Fire, and it looks like a place I would thoroughly enjoy. These images are quite beautiful Anne – and wow, what a scenic drive.
    Mark recently posted..Reverse Image SearchMy Profile

    • says

      Thank you very much Mark! I highly recommend Nevada and I’m looking forward to doing some more exploring there in the fall. I had no idea there were these kinds of places in Nevada.

  4. Tom Clark says

    absolutely beautiful. almost ‘other-wordly’ I felt like my eyes landed on another planet – so cool. Tom

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