Cool, Clear Water

I love the ocean.

I love walking on the beach on a stormy day and feeling it’s fury.

I love being in my boat, riding the waves, and when the bow comes down a big splash hits me in the face and I can taste the salt on my lips.

I love jumping over the side into the water when it’s just a tad chilly and for a moment it takes your breath away.

I love skimming along the surface when the water is calm, especially at high tide when the ocean feels like a big bubble.

I love the silence on a night like this when people sit on the beach in awe and don’t dare speak for fear of breaking the glass.

I love it when the water melts into the sky and it’s hard to tell where the horizon is.

British Columbia in summertime; if you can’t taste the salt, you’re not doing it right.

Calm Ocean Moonrise

Please click the image to enjoy a larger version.

I made this image steps away from our campsite in Sidney, British Columbia.

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  1. RoseAnne says

    Beautiful picture and you described my feelings about living on the coast of Maine perfectly. Being out on the ocean definitely puts me in my happy place!

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