Bald Eagle and Sony NEX6

A couple of months ago I bought myself a Sony NEX6. Woot! I’ve had my eye on this camera for awhile because it has the same sensor as my Canon 7D, but in a much more compact and lightweight kit.

With all the hiking we do, carrying all my gear can be a real drag. And with my back problems it just makes sense to go with the new mirrorless technology. This camera is 3 times lighter and smaller than the Canon 7D!

I haven’t had too many chances to use it though because of all the stuff that’s been happening. But I got an opportunity one day, while at my parents house in Nanaimo BC, when I could hear the eagles calling so I whipped out my new camera to test out the telephoto lens.

I wasn’t expecting this camera to be particularly useful for wildlife. But I have to say I am impressed with the detail in this image of a bald eagle that was sitting way up in a tree beside the house.

I made this image at a focal length of 210mm with the Sony E 55-210mm lens and the image is cropped to about half the size of the frame.

Bald Eagle in Nanaimo, BC by Anne McKinnell
Please click the image to view a larger version.

So far this camera looks like a winner. I am going to do a full review soon and I’ll share why I chose the NEX6 over the NEX7, but for now I just wanted to share with you the first photos from my new camera.

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13 Responses to “Bald Eagle and Sony NEX6”

  1. Peter F. says:

    I have the NEX6 and really love the form factor. But I don’t think Canon uses a Sony sensor, but I did understand that this 16mp sensor is on the Nikon 7000 and some of the Pentax K-5.

  2. Helen McAndrew says:

    Wow, Anne………that is one impressive image! As a fairly new owner of the Nex 7, I will be interested to read why you decided on the 6. The eagle is framed beautifully by the branches!

  3. Jennifer Cox says:

    Look forward to the review. I’m still prevaricating over whether to go for a CSC, like the NEX, or a DSLR. I’d like to keep the weight down as much as possible, but without compromising too much on ease of use and image quality.

  4. That photo makes me want to go out and buy the camera.
    John of Sinbad and I on the Loose recently posted..HDR PhotosMy Profile

  5. Allan Culver says:

    I look forward to your comments on the NEX-7 vs Nex-6. I have been lusting after either one with a leaning to the NEX-7 and I definitely want the 55-210 lens after seeing your photograph.

  6. Kelly says:

    Wow, that’s really sharp, Anne. I was kicking around getting one for myself but opted to upgrade to the 5D Mark III instead, which I’m really loving. Now if I can only find some bald eagles…

  7. Saw a NEX-7 this weekend used by a missionary friend who packs light for travels in Africa. All I could say was wow! at the compact size and professional quality images you can generate with this great camera

    Oh the choices the camera manufacturers create to lure us into their fold.

  8. Wonderful photo. I think the NEX-7 is a great camera. I was looking into it, but now there is also the A7R to consider. Of course, though full frame sounds better, with a A7R this shot would be possible. My husband uses a Canon 6D and I use the 600D and we always get to compare cropped with full frame for particular scenes. Deciding what camera to pick next is not something easy to do.
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  9. Daz says:

    Hi Anne (with an ‘e’) :-)

    I have used Sony cameras for many years now, and currently use the Sony A77 along with a selection of Minolta primes and the stonkingly amazing 70-400G SSM. One poster has already said one point, Canon wont use Sony sensors, but Nikon do as to Pentax. The NEX5 uses the same sensor as the Nikon D7000, the NEX 6 sensor is a new on specific for that camera, Sony have made some sensors for Pentax too. The most legendary sensor Sony have ever made is of course fitted in the Nikon D800E (not that any Nikonians would admit that)

    The NEX 7 is a worse camera than the NEX 6 its far far noisier as it uses the same sensor as the A77 (possibly the noisiest camera Sony have ever made!!) So you have made a wise decision, the NEX 5 beats both the 6 and the 7 in terms of IQ but of course has no viewfinder unless you buy one, and then you cant use the flash!

    The new A7 and A7r look to be brilliant however, its another system, more lenses and tons more money. Sony have no customer loyalty whatsoever and are a disgrace in that respect. And that’s coming from a long time Sony fan.

    Your bald eagle photo looks incredible! Good luck with your new toy I’m sure you’ll love it!!

    Daz recently posted..sitting pretty (Fieldfare)My Profile

  10. This image is gorgeous! I can see why you are rethinking the uses for this camera!

  11. Michele says:

    Beautiful image-the sharpness is amazing. I am just a hobbyist, and have the NEX6- but with only the kit lens- I would love to get a quality lens for it, and will look into the 55-210. I mainly like landscapes, so I think that will work well. Any other comments on lens for the NEX6 I would greatly appreciate!

    • Hi Michele, thank you very much! So far I only have the 18-55 lens and the 55-210. Do you have the powerzoom that came with the NEX6? If so, I recommend you try the 18-55, you’ll be impressed.

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