Picacho Peak State Park, Arizona

Another one of the fantastic state parks we discovered in Arizona this year is Picacho Peak State Park, which is just south of Tucson. It’s a landmark we noticed last year when we were driving by and we made a point of exploring it this year. It has a beautiful campground with huge sites and some nice hiking trails.

You can actually hike right up to the top of the peak with the help of some cables! I’ve heard it’s the best hike in Arizona. But I wouldn’t really know, I didn’t go up there :)

Picacho Peak State Park, Arizona by Anne McKinnell

I was too early for the wildflowers, but I managed to find a teddy bear cholla cactus to put in the foreground. You can see how it’s little pieces fall off and if you step anywhere near them they will gleefully attach themselves to you.

I’ve learned to always wear long pants and step carefully when searching for my perfect photo location in the desert.

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      Thanks for that Ron! It’s a good thing Ray does most of the driving or I’d be lost all the time. On the other hand, getting lost and finding new places is part of the adventure. Thanks for your visit and comments!

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