Fire Canyon Arch

The Valley of Fire State Park, in Nevada, was one of the best discoveries we made last year so it was high on my list of places to return to this year.

There is so much to see and explore there with interesting rock formations in all the colours of the rainbow.

Last year, the road to Silca Dome was closed, so this year we made a point of exploring in that area. We didn’t get too far down the road when we found a convenient place to pull over and then we just started walking down a wash, exploring. I was busy photographing when I heard an “over here” from Ray. So over I went and there was this beautiful arch!

Fire Canyon Arch in the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, by Anne McKinnell

It’s known as Fire Canyon Arch. In the surrounding area there are white rocks that suddenly change to red rocks, and places where there are stripes of red, white, pink, purple and yellow. It’s a fascinating place and I’ll have many more photos to share with you coming up on the blog.

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      Len, I think there are probably lots of undiscovered places in the Valley of Fire. It seemed like I couldn’t take two steps without finding something new to photograph. Thanks for your comments!

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    I just discovered this park a couple of years ago. It is the first state park for Nevada.

    Did you find the Fire Wave. Incredible. No directions. They don’t want you to go there.


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      Hi John, actually there is a trail with signage and everything now. So next time you go to Fire Wave, expect other people when you get there. But it’s still an amazing place to see. Thanks for your comments.

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    VOF is pretty close to the top of my list for a next trip for me Anne. I can see how this discovery was quite exciting! Looks like such a magnificent place in general, but little finds like this I imagine make it even more special.
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