Another Look at Fire Wave

One of the main attractions at the Valley of Fire State Park, in Nevada, is Fire Wave. It used to be hard to find, but now there is a trail with signage to help you get there. You have to walk through the rocks from marker to marker that eventually lead you to the most fascinating rock formation.

After photographing here pretty extensively last year, I challenged myself to find a new perspective.

Fire Wave at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, by Anne McKinnell
Please click the image to view a larger version.

In post processing, I slightly increased the detail in the rocks using Topaz Detail. I really like the intelligence of Topaz Detail. Instead of just increasing edge sharpness, it has a way of analyzing the image to determine which areas contain detail and which do not. So unlike using other sharpening tools, it doesn’t sharpen your sky. It only sharpens what needs to be sharpened. Pretty cool!

You can try out Topaz Detail for free and if you like it they are having a 50% off sale until the end of this month. That brings the price down to only $19.99. Pretty good deal for getting tack sharp images without adding noise.

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    Love this! Nevada is a fascinating state. I’ve spent a few months there last year observing wild horses. It was not my first visit to the state, but my longest. I’m amazed by the vast beauty of Nevada’s wilderness.

    I really enjoy your work :)

    All the best,
    Maria Northcutt recently posted..Children and HorsesMy Profile

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    Wow what a great perspective. Well done Anne. I am heading that way for the full moon this month. Monument Valley then Arches. I might look for information on how to get there as i keep missing out on the wave.

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