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Well, the snowbird season is just about over. I’m sitting in our campsite in Port Angeles, Washington, where we will spend a day before hopping on the ferry to head back across the line to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where we will spend the summer.

It’s been an amazing winter with 80 degree days almost every day and I have about a gazillion more photos to share!

I’m about a month behind in photo processing and I skipped lots of places along the way, so I’ll have many more photos from the trip to share with you over spring and summer. Plus, I’m sure I’ll be making new photos, hopefully more photos of Orcas taken from my boat :)

Today’s Photo: Fire Wave (again)

Here’s yet another photo from Fire Wave in the Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada. In case you missed it, I have other photos from Fire Wave here and here.

I could spend days photographing here!

Fire Wave at Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada, by Anne McKinnell
Please click the photo to view a larger version.

I made this photo just after the sun went down, so the soft light gives it a very different feel from the previous shots yet it still shows off all the different colours and patterns in the rock in the Valley of Fire.

I like making photos of the same place under different lighting conditions. You really learn a lot about light by doing that. Give it a try!

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